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Grats to Niko!

Dracomage, Sep 27, 12 8:07 AM.
First level 90, followed by Digda.

Patch 5 Talents in Text form for all Classes

Dracomage, Oct 27, 11 10:04 AM.
Huge amount of work done by a blogger!
All Classes v5 Talents

Additional Classic Raid Guild Achievements knocked out!

Dracomage, Oct 24, 11 8:55 AM.
Lacking a Miko or a Killi, I led 3 attempts to obtain more guild achievements.

First we did AQ20 (Ruins) with 6 people... No achievement :( From GM I learned that you need 8. Oh well, next week.

Then the 6 of us cleared AQ40 (Temple) all the way to C'Thun (grabbed a lot of the bug mounts). Then we gathered 5 more people (11 total) and down the old god very quickly. Guild Achievement!

We decided to head over to Sunwell (and losing and gaining some people). Knocked it out as well, thanks to Keith (Byrd) and Rick (Bauren) leading the way through. Guild Achievement!

Next Sunday, we'll try to quickly knock out AQ20 with 8 people and then work on Ulduar again for the "Glory of the Ulduar Raider" achievement & the mount.

Guild achievements!

Dracomage, Oct 10, 11 2:23 PM.
Thanks to Miko for setting up some guild achievement runs.

Last night we knocked out Guild Molten Core & Blackwing Lair. We needed 10 out of 40 guildies and with some late additions, a quick run through UBRS for attunement, we blasted through the two instances.

Next up, AQ 20 and 40! C'Thun and Ossirian should be afraid... Very afraid!

We also need to wrap up our "
Guild Outland Dungeon Hero" with some Outlands heroics (missing 6!)

Magmaw falls to the Heroes!

Mikobravo, Apr 11, 11 1:14 AM.
Tonight we had our first taste of success in BWD by downing Magmaw!

It was a superb team effort for all involved but it was the superior kiting skills of Tatsu that really made the difference!


Great job and more success is certain to follow!
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